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Our History

Bushiangala Technical Training Institute is situated in Kakamega South Sub-County in Kakamega County. It is located off Sigalagala –Bukura road approximately 10 Kilometers from Sigalagala and about 18 Kilometers from Kakamega Town.

This Institute was started as a skills upgrading centre in 1991 by voluntary service oversees over years under the support of the European Economic Commission. The main objective of the Institute was to upgrade skills for Youth Polytechnic graduates, instructors and managers.

The Voluntary Service Overseas Group withdrew from the institute in 1993 and it was taken over by the Ministry of labour which replaced the short term training courses with Artisan and Craft courses. The then Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology formally took over the running of Bushiangala Technical Training Institute in 2008.

The institute has acquired a parcel of land measuring 12 hectares and it is in the process of acquiring more land.

It has a modern Administration block; Tuition block, laboratory complex, workshops, men and ladies hostels and ultra-modern resource center which is nearing completion.


Vision & Values

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